February 29, 2008

Eco- friendly and beautiful? Perfect!

JESS - Erin, there’s a lot of hubbub about “green” weddings and “eco-friendly” events these days- Why don’t we tell our readers about the many options available to brides that want to make better choices on their big day?

Erin - Well the first thing that comes to mind are the socially responsible roses that we carry. As many people know there is a huge market for roses imported from South America. They have the perfect growing conditions. Roses from countries such as Ecuador are a superior product, they have much larger blooms then those grown in Canada, with a higher petal count. Periwinkle flowers introduced their line of socially responsible roses in 2007. Check out this article that appeared in our January newsletter last year. It explains everything you need to know:

Periwinkle Flowers is happy to introduce a new line of socially responsible roses imported from Ecuador. Through research and discussions with our suppliers we have decided to only sell roses from growers that are members of the initiatives such as the Flower Label Program or sell under the Sierra Eco Label. Programs such as these seek to improve the lives of their workers and practice environmentally friendly growing techniques. Members of such groups are committed to providing above average wages, prohibiting child labour, providing health care and prohibiting the use of highly toxic chemicals. Standards for these programs are based on the International Code of Conduct, and guidelines from the International Label Organization and the World Health Organization. At the same time as improving the floral industry, these growers are still able to remain competitive, by keeping the cost of roses in line with less responsible growers. Making a wiser choice is easy. To get more information visit this link http://www.sierraeco.com/

JESS - that’s great info

Erin - And there are more ways that brides can choose “green” but lets save that for our next entry!

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