January 9, 2008

Tick Tock

16 months ago, when I got engaged, 2008 seemed like it would never come. Et voila. It is upon us. It is officially our “Wedding Year”. It seems a tad ridiculous, but it makes a difference. When you tell someone your wedding is, “June 2008” it is WAY different than just plain ole, “this June”. As of today, the countdown is at 157 days. Cue the panic. Deep breath. To make myself feel better I am compiling a list of everything we have accomplished, one more deep breath. And here we go:

Venue Booked- it feels like we did this a million years ago now.
Photographer booked- and her blog lovingly gazed at, at least once a day.
Susan is on the job (thank god)
Dress purchased- still needs bustle and some tweaks.
Shoes purchased- still need to be worn in.
Make and hair person booked- trial in May
2/5 bridesmaids dresses ordered, 2 more to be done this weekend, 1 MIA. argh.
FI has started to gather address for invites (…which we haven’t chosen yet! Wait- this is supposed to be a list of DONE stuff… Ignore that.)

I have a sneaking suspicion that the “To-do list” is about double that size. Maybe the whole list idea wasn’t such a good one…


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