January 3, 2008

Hasn't Hit Me Yet

2008? How can it be?! I've been in Ontario for almost 8 years now?! Yikes. What would my fellow B.C. buddies think? Well, back to business ...

Thanks to everyone for all of their support and well-wishes in 2007. Looking back on it, my husband and I kind of want to forget the year happened but there definitely were some shining moments. Of course this includes the couples I met, the vendors I became friends with and the happiness I witnessed. Speaking of happiness, I threw out that teaser with Jacquelyn & Peter's wedding. Well, imagine my surprise when flipping through Wedding Bells and I see their wedding featured! I was told it would be in the Spring/Summer 2008 issue but I had no idea it would hit newsstands in December! Anyhow, here are JPGs of the actual spread. I'm not mentioned there but I am on the online portion.

Feels pretty cool!!!

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